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Crease Free Clothes is the home of Awesome Undies. Fabulously comfy pants and bras in soft, funky jersey fabrics. No more boring underwear!

Our pants are made from beautifully soft and comfortable cotton jersey fabrics. It’s quite possibly the comfiest pair of pants you’ll ever wear! Handmade from a gorgeous jersey of your choice, you’ll never wear shop bought again (we hope!).

Our fabulous pants now come with built in CSP! These pants are perfect for exercising whilst on your period without the worry of the pad slipping or uncomfortable snaps if you’re a cyclist. The absorbancy level is on a par with moderate cloth pads. These pants have a double layer of jersey fully enclosing the absorbant layers, because of this they are slightly more snug than our regular pants so you may be more comfortable sizing up. Please do get in touch if you wish to discuss this further.

Each product is made to order and our usual turnaround time is 4 weeks. Weekly updates are posted in our facebook chat group

Scroll down to view our fabulous range of fabrics and input your chosen fabric code in the specified box, we do recommend darker fabrics to minimise the risk of staining. Patterned period pants can be ordered here.

All Crease Free Clothes products are handmade to order in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Care instructions are outlined on our terms and conditions and on the care label sewn into your garment. The internal core may require flattening out after washing.

Please note – When we come to complete your order, we may have run out of your chosen fabric and you may be asked to pick another option.

Happy Shopping!

Pants Club

We offer a range of great value monthly Pants clubs featuring surprise fabrics, more information can be found here


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