About Us

Welcome to Matryoshka Clothing!

Based in Leeds, Matryoshka Clothing is run by Holly Whyman.

After a varied working life in recruitment, the public sector, and as a childminder I set up my business sewing clothes some 8 years ago.

I now have a workshop in a converted garage at the end of my garden where I cut and sew all your fabulous orders.

Over the years I’ve had several product ranges, including kids clothes when my own children were little. Now I tend to focus on underwear and reusable wipes so I can use up as many pieces of scrap fabric as possible.

I love choosing beautiful vibrant fabrics to create fabulous underwear for you, which also happens to be utterly comfy.

I am also committed to reducing waste as much as possible by using my scrap pieces of fabrics. Firstly they’re used to make the most amazing scrappy pants, and we now have a lovely range of themed scrappy underwear available. Secondly, the scraps are used to make reusable wipes. We offer two sizes, family cloth (also perfect as reusable baby wipes) and make up wipes.

Family cloth is amazing. It’s reusable toilet roll and we wouldn’t be without it in my house! We also have heaps of make up wipes so haven’t bought toilet roll or cotton wool in years!!

Should you have any questions regarding our items please do get in touch 😊